Tomb of the Kings

Tomb of the Kings

The tombs of the kings are a must see if you are holidaying in Paphos. Located only 2km north-west of Paphos harbour these underground tombs are carved out of solid rock and are a sight to behold spreading out over a vast area of landscape.

Many of these tombs date as far back th 4th century BC and are thought to have been burial sites for high officials and aristocrats. No kings are actually buried here and the name itself originates from the magnificence of the tombs.

Some of the tombs here feature Doric columns and many of the walls contain frescoes. The tombs themselves are cut into the rock and some imitate the houses in which these people lived.

The tombs themselves have been explored for centuries but the first real examination of them was in the 1970’s and 1980’s by Dr. Sophocles Hadjisavvas who is now the Director of Antiquities in Cyprus. Other archaeological excavations are ongoing today.

On visiting the tombs of the kings you can walk freely once you are inside and from here you can search through the many rooms and tombs that have been carved out into the rock. The tombs of the kings are also listed on the world heritage list and there are magnificent views of the sea from here.

Taking up a vast amount of landscape the tombs of the kings has a number of chambers where people during the Hellenistic and Roman periods were buried. Estimated dates are between the 3rd century BC and the 3rd century AD. There are seven tombs in total and you can walk around all of them. The third tomb has impressive columns and there are also coffin spaces marked out.

There are a number of pathways and steps that lead the way into the tombs and there are also a number of passageways that you can walk up too. Also on the site of the tombs of the kings you will find a church which is locally known as Paleoekklisia and here you will find traces of some Byzantine frescoes.

A visit to the tomb of the kings really is a must and a great way to explore and see the way ancient civilizations lived.

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