Daihatsu YRV 5 Door Manual (Group - D)

The YRV packs a lot of space into its tall but compact body, with room for five adults plus luggage. That's where the higher-than-average roofline comes in, and it means that even taller people won't find the rear seat too appalling. You can challenge the YRV to a shopping trip and you will be playing to its strengths. The light steering and slick five-speed manual are very easy to use and the deep side windows give excellent visibility. It's not out of its depth on the motorway and will happily keep up with fast flowing traffic in fifth gear with a surprising turn of pace for such a small engine. It’s responsive enough and thanks to impressive levels of grip, the YRV corners very well with minimal body roll, making it enjoyable to drive. It may have quite diminutive dimensions but the YRV is big on the inside with plenty of space for five adults to travel in comfort. In the back there's good head room and lots of legroom. And to make even more of what it has, the YRV's rear seat can be laid flat to form the equivalent of a small panel van, with five doors for excellent access to whatever load it's carrying. The clever rear-seat operation means it can be slid forward a full 6in or folded completely flat for really large loads, giving the YRV a usefully large and flexible carrying capacity. Small on the outside while appearing huge on the inside. It's hard to believe how much room there is inside this car. Great looks, comfort, vision, safety, economy, low emissions and of course the legendary Daihatsu legacy are everything that a rental car in Paphos, Cyprus must be equipped with.

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